Guangdong Shantou JinChuan Food Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Our factory is fully equipped with complete production system for more than 20 years. The system includes the production technology, production equipment and high production capacity. We specialize in producing Chaoshan Specialty Food, including Preserved Fruits, Glace Fruits, Fruits Products, Nuts and Confection Products. Our business focuses on exporting our products to the international market. We have also obtained the free trade import & export permit from the China Customs which is named as ‘’Certificate of Recording for Export Food Production Enterprises’’. We have also obtained the GB/T19001-2016/S0900......
The main production chaoshan characteristic products, cool fruit preserves, fruit products, nuts and candy products
Our products are mainly exported, and we have the right of independent import and export. We have obtained the record certificate of export food production enterprises issued by China customs. It has passed GB/ t19001-2016/iso9001:2015 standard quality management certification system certification, food HACCP quality system certification, halal certification, etc
Make full use of the local warm day and cold night weather, fertile soil thousands of miles of pollution and other favorable conditions, in linzhi bomi county jiduo town, ancient township sotong village The establishment of green plum planting base, in the ancient township to establish a fruit refining plant
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